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SCI, USSA & Point Fastpitch Join Together - SCI and the Point Fastpitch traveling softball team volunteer at USSA's 2010 Summerfest event in central WI

Bluebonnet Bounty - Join Keith Dunivan and his grandfather on a southwest Texas trophy whitetail hunt!

Barefoot In Texas - Texas Trophy Hunter editor and Co-founder Horace Gore and USSA's founder Brigid O'Donoghue hunt wild boar up-close and personal.

Bear Mountain Lodge - Chris Davis hunts giant Russian boar in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Ghost - Duchene Muscular Dystrophy and dense South Carolina swamps challenge a young lady's deer hunt.

Wild Rose - An injured motocross racer hunts east-central Wisconsin for the buck of his dreams.

Texas Wild Boar Hunting - A boy from Missouri battling osteoporosis battles a Texas hog!

One Snowy Day - Read about a 24 year old with stage 4 brain cancer hunts bull elk on a wintery day.

Yes, We Do Call This Hunting - Closely examine the turbulent issue of "FAIR CHASE"!

Another Shot - An Alabama high school cornerback with spinal cord damage attends a group deer hunt in Illinois.

TDA'S American Outdoor Adventure - Texas Deer Association takes stand to help assure challenger youth get a chance to hunt quality deer.

Hog Meets Spear - Read about world record Florida Hog speared at night by USSA founder.

Brittany & The Beast - Eleven year old girl with cancer hunts Texas boar with knife.

A Special Bond - A 13 year old boy with epilepsy hunts trophy bucks in the hills of south west Missouri.

A Little Lady - Tennessee quadriplegic girl hunts deer in Illinois.

Brady White Lives A Dream - Brain tumors and a cold Texas morning can not stop this Mississippi 11 year old.

The Blues Brothers, Safari Style - Jake and Elwood Blues of the Blues Brothers support youth hunting?? Who would have guessed!

The Lady Who Hunts - Shooting for Women magazine features USSA Founder.

The Three Amigos - An Oklahoma Boy with Muscular Dystrophy bags giant Wisconsin Whitetail.

Dreams From Another Sunrise - A Double lung transplant and Muscular Dystrophy cannot dampen the spirits of this young girl and boy as they hunt trophy Texas Whitetails.

The Fearsome 5 - Come along as 5 challenged kids hunt Trophy deer in Texas

Hoosier Hunting & Hospitality - Nine challenged youth hunters travel to the Hoosier state to hunt deer.

Trails To Cheers - Michael hunts big Missouri bucks with wildlife biologist.

Inner Peace through the Great Outdoors - USSA board member touches on USSA's numerous positive aspects.

Hunt of A Lifetime (part 1) - One youth needing a heart transplant, the other without a hand, and an adult with a life threatening-illness try their hand at trophy Florida Hogs. (article continued on part 2)

Hunt of A Lifetime (part 2) - Continue article of Florida hog hunts.

United Special Sportsman Alliance-Touches Hearts and Lives Once Again - Read about some summer fun at USSA's annual "Summer Bash".

A Hunting Wish From Dream To Reality - An inspiring compellation of trophy whitetail and wild boar hunts

Wide Awake & Dreaming - Cerebral Palsy cannot stop a young boy hunting Big Texas deer.

A Lifelong Dream - Enjoy this fascinating deer hunting article written by a USSA Junior Board Member.

Tracking A Trophy - Covers broad subjects in regard to hunting for challenged kids.

Ely's Hunting Story - A hound loving Georgia youth goes on the bear hunt of his dreams.

A Child's Wild Wish - A retired Colorado wildlife biologist and USSA board member talks about ethical hunting and sharing the hunting experience with challenged youth.

A Cedar Swamp - A young man from Minnesota battling cystic fibrosis heads east to WI to hunt trophy bucks.

Kids Hunts - Sports Afield's on USSA and its impact on challenged hunters.

Amber's Hunt - Hunt bear with a NC young lady as she travel to WI in search of a trophy. We would like to thank the following magazines who published these articles. Their role in communicating the available opportunities is essential.

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