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United Special Sportsman Alliance, Inc. (USSA) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit national wish granting charity that specializes in sending critically ill and disabled youth and disabled veterans on the outdoor adventure of their dreams! USSA adventures give our youth and veterans something to look forward to, and help sustain them in their time of need! Families are whisked away from the mundane, man-made world of hospitals, and high medical bills by giving them a place of peace to focus on the quality of life, family ties, and the wonders of our natural world! USSA is composed of a 100% volunteer staff from all walks of life, bonded together by a common love for our fellow mankind and a deep respect and appreciation of our world's natural resources. By working cooperatively with caring "Adventure" donors as well as generous individual and corporate sponsors, USSA has made a significant impact on the lives of thousands of children, disabled veterans and their families. The public's image of all sportsmen is enhanced, through this valuable community service and new lifelong friendships are made! To learn more about USSA read on.

Brigid O'Donoghue - CEO and Founder

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Brigid O'Donoghue grew up in a large family of Irish decent. As the oldest daughter in a family with 9 kids, responsibility came knocking at the door early in life for her. With limited financial resources, attending the area's best private educational facilities required her to get after school and weekend jobs. Her younger brother is physically and mentally challenged, and in many respects was a deep inspiration in her formative years (read the Prologue below). From that point on, there has always been a calling in her heart to reach out to others who are less fortunate and need her help. Unfortunately, having her own personal health challenges arose to throw a curve ball at her life plans. After numerous bouts in and out of the hospital, including major surgery to remove scar tissue from a high fever, Brigid was ready to pick-up her life where it had left off years ago.

The entrepreneur in her led her to begin her own business selling semi loads of ground bark to landscapers around the Midwest. In addition, she blazed new trails, by trucking bagged cottonseed up from the cotton gin producer to feed mills up north. During that time, she raised two wonderful children, through the constant abuse and lack of support in her relationship. Currently, her daughter Lindsey has graduated from nursing school and will go on to be a RN nurse (like her grandmother). Her son Kenny is married to Heather and will graduate in August in the Navy EOD Special Operations. They are dear to her heart, and provide inspiration in her life and work.

In 1998, Brigid put her feed mill and trucking knowledge to work and started a new specialized company called Bio-Tec Research Inc, which formulates and markets North America's highest quality deer and elk products. In addition, she forged a limited edition fashion line called "Charnel" that features unique, tailored outdoor wear.

The seeds were sown for the birth of USSA when a deer food customer asked Brigid, if she knew of any critically ill hunter who would be interested in a free deer hunt at his ranch. Brigid contacted a Texas man with cancer who flew into harvest a nice buck and from that point on USSA's wheels were set in motion. By helping him realize his dream and spending time with this man, Brigid was truly inspired and she knew in her heart that she could pass happiness on to others who were dealing with life threatening illnesses. She went on with a vision to develop the all-volunteer United Special Sportsman Alliance in fall of 2000.

Brigid observed that the inspiration passed on in her work through this charity, creates special moments that make even the most difficult of lives challenges so meaningful. There is never a time that she does not look back and realize how fortunate she is to have overcome so many personal challenges, and that personal healing keeps her striving to do all she can to bring joy and hope into the hearts of others. There is a special place in her heart for those kids, adults and vet and their families that she gets to share time with, and they are always a special addition to her own family.

Brigid is continuously motivated by the incredible love and life-long connections created by the sharing between so many special people within the charity. The time shared with these wonderful kids, injured soldiers/veterans, and their families leaves her with the understanding that neither she nor USSA recipients are ever truly alone!

Brigid said, "The greatest impact of this charity is helping provide the inspiration for others to get involved. We pass on our vision to see beyond the pain, disability and hardships of serious illnesses. We know we all will endure loss, but the sharing in our work has created a mechanism of hope and healing for the children, the families and for those who help by volunteering their time and resources for this important cause". She goes on to add, "I have been greatly inspired, yet humbled by the positive national impact this vision has created."

Brigid works with television, radio, printed media, and Internet media across the country; the response from those who get involved is overwhelming. She wants to inspire others to become optimistically intertwined in the lives of others and make a real difference. It thus far has been successful beyond the charity's expectations, with thousands of people experiencing a unique way to share hope and create new friendships.

Brigid plans to continue working with a strong Board of Directors, Major Operating Officers, Advisory Council, and Youth Outdoor Leaders, to build a charity of caring people all with the same mission to provide joy and hope in the lives of needy children and injured veterans/soldiers. Brigid said, "I feel very blessed to be given the opportunity to operate God's charity".

Jesus said, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven".

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Forty-Four Amazing Hunts are about to Happen! There will be 39 disabled and critically ill youngsters from around the country coming to Wisconsin. There will also be five more disabled kids hunting in their home state of Minnesota. They will have the opportunity to harvest a black bear thanks to hunters who donated their tags to these great kids. It is a wish come true for all of these special youth hunters. We are thankful for those who donated the tags, for the volunteers, for the guides and for the taxidermists who provide their time and resources. The P.C.C.W. of St. Joseph’s Parish and the JCI inmates who took care of the mass mailing. And to The Neumann’s Sportsmans Charity Hunt and The Larry Walters Memorial Scholarship Funded by Hartland/Lake Country Rotary Club who covered the cost of the nonresident licenses fees and motels. They make these bear hunts possible!!

Stay tune as we attempt to break our all-time record of 29 bear harvested in one season! God bless!

Bio-Tec Research

Our primary mission is to positively affect the recreational and commercial deer industry as well as our national hunting and fishing heritage. We believe solid scientific conservation principles must be applied in order to preserve our wildlife resource for the next generation. As past history has confirmed; a joint effort of both the recreational and commercial deer industries will provide the best solution for tomorrow's generation of hunters. In addition, hunting, fishing, and farming of all kinds have suffered unprecedented attacks from animal activism. We are committed to silencing the shrill, uninformed voice of the animal extremist who stands in the way of our vision. Bio-Tec's mission is to promote, unite and facilitate that vision to the best of our abilities and resources!


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USSA is a registered 501(c)(3) national organization; 100% volunteer based. Your "Donation" is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Whether you are a business, an organization, a foundation, a governmental agency, outfitter, landowner, or a private citizen looking to make a difference, USSA has an "option" to make your involvement simple AND rewarding!

I. Donations
Our Sponsor's dollars help USSA meet its numerous operational expenses in addition to playing a greater role in large scale group events. Sponsorship dollars also subsidize travel expenses for our "recipients" to and from the field, license fees, taxidermy expense, and game processing.

II. Donors and Partners
USSA Donors are the "field generals" of our charity. These are the people and operations that are on the front lines, donating hunting, fishing, camping, horseback riding, and water sports adventures to our nations less fortunate sportsmen and women. Our donors are a diverse group. They are our country's land owner's outfitters, preserve owners, fishing lodge owners, boat owners and campground owners to name a few examples. Without their generosity and compassion, USSA would be just another charity. If you have any "outdoor type" service you would like to offer please let us know. If you have any unique outdoor experience you would like to offer, please let us know, and we will post your special opportunity under one of our homepage adventure buttons called "Other Activities". We will then help coordinate the wish for you and your recipient.

Our USSA Partners are organizations and operations that share a common cause and philosophy about human dignity, conservation, and outdoor sports. Partners can contribute valuable services, like media and communications or intangibles like providing a united solid front on key conservation, education and sportsmanship issues. If you would like to become a partner and be listed on our web site, please contact us at: "Contact USSA"

Partner, Donor, Sponsor and Member support is essential to promoting a new era of outdoor sports for the 21st century. A united voice with ALL concerned operations and organizations is crucial to see the mission to a successful end.

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