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Whether you are a business, an organization, a foundation, a governmental agency, outfitter, landowner, or a private citizen looking to make a difference; USSA has an "option" to make your involvement simple AND rewarding!

I. Memberships

Membership dues are vital components of the day to day operations of the USSA charity! Our membership program allows people and businesses of all income levels to contribute to a cause they feel strongly about.
Membership dollars help USSA meet its numerous operational expenses, such as:

 Childs Travel expenses & equipment
 Phone and fax bills
 Office supplies & expenses
 Professional fees (accounting etc.)

We offer 5 membership options to fit your particular level of financial resources and commitment. Your inclusion on our web site "Membership Roll" is free, but is optional. This is a great opportunity to meet other people who believe as you do.

Our lifetime membership is a great "Philanthropic Opportunity" for estates, trusts, foundations, and individuals; who wish to make a lasting impact on the outdoor sports community and lifestyle we all cherish as conservationists and sportsmen!

 Life Time Member...................$750.00 minimum **
 Business/Associate Member.......$250.00/year
 Family Membership..................$50.00/year
 Individual Membership..............$25.00/year
 Junior Membership..................$5.00/year

* USSA is a 501 (C) 3 charity recognized by the IRS; therefore your Membership is tax deductible.
** Individuals and Entities are encouraged to give more than the $750 minimum IF they are financially capable.

II. Sponsorships

Like our Membership contributions, Sponsorships are also vital components of the day to day operations of the USSA charity. By sponsoring USSA, you will make a strong public statement about your organization's respect for human dignity and concern for conservation issues.

Our Sponsors dollars help USSA meet its numerous operational expenses in addition to playing a greater role in large scale, group events. Sponsorship dollars also subsidize travel expenses for our "recipients" to and from the field, license fees, taxidermy bills and game processing.

A. Lifetime Sponsor $10,000.00

 A one time donation.
 Includes placement of your logo and hyperlink; on our website "Home page" for USSA'S existence.
 "Sponsor Page" placement with your logo AND home page link and logo for USSA'S existence.
 Placement and endorsement of your products where possible or applicable; including event banners.

B. Platinum Sponsor $1,000.00 /year

 A yearly donation.
 Can be a combination of monetary assets, services, or products.
 50% monetary minimum.
 Includes "home page" placement of your logo with hyperlink on our website for a year.
 Includes "Sponsor Page" placement with your logo and link for 2 years' on our website.
 Product placement and endorsement where applicable.

C. Gold Sponsor $500.00 /year

 A yearly donation.
 Can be a combination of monetary assets, services, or products.
 Includes "Sponsor Page" placement with your home page link and logo for one year on our website.

NOTE: USSA is a 501(c) 3 charity recognized by the IRS. Your Sponsorship is tax deductible to the full extent of the law!

III. Donations

USSA Donors are the "field generals" of our charity. These are the people and operations that are on the front lines, donating hunting, fishing, camping, horseback riding, and water sports adventures to our nations less fortunate sportsmen and women. Our donors are a diverse group. They are our country's land owner's outfitters, preserve owners, fishing lodge owners, boat owners and campground owners to name a few examples. Without their generosity and compassion, USSA would be just another charity. If you have any "outdoor type" service you would like to offer please let us know. If you have any unique outdoor experience you would like to offer, please let us know, and we will post your special opportunity under one of our homepage adventure buttons called "Other Activities". We will then help coordinate the wish for you and your recipient.

 Includes placement on the "Donor Page" of our USSA web site, if you choose.

NOTE: USSA is a 501(c)3 charity recognized by the IRS. Your "Donation" is tax deductible to the full extent of the law!

IV. Partners

Our USSA Partners are organizations and operations that share a common cause and philosophy about human dignity, conservation, and outdoor sports. Partners can contribute valuable services, like media and communications or intangibles like providing a united solid front on key conservation, education and sportsmanship issues. If you would like to become a partner and be listed on our web site, please contact us at: "Contact USSA"
Partner, Donor, Sponsor and Member support is essential to promoting a new era of outdoor sports for the 21st century. A united voice with ALL concerned operations and organizations is crucial to see the mission to a successful end.

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